COMMENTS from clients in last 2 years



'Ian has helped me with everything from a sprained ankle and dislocated knee, asthma, and also depression. And sometimes all at once! He has an incredible ability to read what's going on beneath the surface and addresses it in a way that is very non-invasive and gentle. I've always felt that he wants my health to be the best it can be so if he feels there is a specialist that might be better suited, he never hesitates to recommend other people. I am very fortunate to know a practitioner like Ian and always leave a session with the confidence that my healing is on the right track. Many Thanks Ian."  VL  Canary Wharf, London



Ian has a friendly, relaxed and professional approach and immediately I felt at ease in our session. I felt heard and understood. The appointment was very thorough and holistic, referring to my nutrition, lifestyle and background. The treatment was non-intrusive and I left feeling energised. I'll be going back for more soon as I feel these kinds of treatments will benefit me in the short and long term. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to others. JY Stratford-upon-Avon



"I was in a lot of pain and unable to lift my arm up above shoulder height. I also experienced constant pins and needles in my leg and after only one session I felt so much better. Ian has a great manner and has really helped me. I would thoroughly recommend him." GB  Banbury


Leamington Spa

"I feel incredibly blessed to have met Ian, I have had 5 treatments and the results are quite remarkable. His focus is not only on physical health but also on mental and emotional wellbeing. Ian creates a safe and comforting environment and I always leave my treatment filled with a positive energy having gained knowledge of my physical and emotional being. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to help themselves."  MB  Leamington Spa



on Avon

"I really consider myself lucky to have found Ian ~ he is an incredibly skilled McTimoney Chiropractor and I am already reaping the benefits of treatment from him. I recently moved to the area and didn’t think I would find another McTimoney Chiropractor as good as the one we had in Yorkshire how wrong I was. He genuinely is passionate about helping his clients."  EM  Welford-on-Avon



"So nice and caring. Wants you to get back to full health (mind, body and soul) as carefully and efficiently as one can. Would highly recommend."   EH  London



upon Avon

"My trips to Ian are quite educational. Not only does he relieve me of pain but I leave an appointment being better informed and with a comprehensive plan of how to help myself. Health issues - no worries - Ian will sort them."  SH  Stratford-upon-Avon



"My first time experience at the clinic with my back problem, one hour later I felt like a different person walking tall again. Ian identified and treated my problems very quickly with lots of advice and recommendations along the way. 5 star professional treatment worth every penny for the pain relief."

      RB  Southam



"Excellent care, attention, listening skills and sensitivity. In a welcoming environment too."

     CK  Loughborough



"My main helper for all kinds of health issues. He hasn't failed me yet! Many, many Thanks Ian." 

     CS  Leamington Spa



upon Avon

"Ian has helped me greatly with neck pain and headaches that stemmed from an inflammatory condition. Not only as a chiropractor but also with his knowledge of diet and nutrition."   JR  Stratford-upon-Avon



"I’ve benefitted from visiting many times over the last few years and have been treated  successfully for a recurring shoulder/neck problem. Ian’s always offers a very relaxing, reassuring and professional treatment which has always delivered great results for me."   MG  Southam



"I've seen Ian a number of times and I can't speak highly enough. Would recommend for anyone that might be experiencing any discomfort"   BC   Leamington Spa



"I have been troubled with back pain and sciatica periodically now for 50 years.
Initially my treatment was with the daughters of the McTimoney Chiropractics' founder and when they retired I went to Ian who has been greatly successful in helping me. Furthermore, I have gained valuable dietry information, that no-one previously mentioned, to aleviate long standing digestive problems.
On one occasion I received a Reiki treatment for vertigo, again with great relief.
If you have any problems, do try Ian, I am sure he'll help you."   AG   Shipston-on-Stour


Kineton Banbury

“I have known Ian for 20 years, being treated for all sorts of injuries. I feel very lucky that those healing hands are there. At times he's been a complete life saver and has also helped my children ’to grow straight’.    Also, my father, who was about to have an operation involving ‘shaving his heal’ was saved from the proceedure. The doctor was rather surprised to find him so recovered on his next visit.  Ian has been wonderful for our family. I would certainly recommend him."   E M  Kineton Banbury


Leamington Spa

"About 1 year ago I suffered a serious injury, almost losing my hand and requiring long surgery. Ian's treatment has greatly advanced my recovery and subsequent physio for which I am grateful.

You will find Ian to be professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Ian has helped me with acute low back pain and years of chronic pain between my shoulder blades . All conditions have cleared, and now I find it useful to be treated at mutually agreed intervals, so balancing my PC based work and my lifestyle. A I would highly recommend his support."  CT  Leamington Spa



"I have a hole in my spine that is inoperable and have been seeing Ian for a number of years now. He has an incredible understanding of not only the body, but the mind too. Ian has helped me to manage a hectic business life without pain, and also his flexibility with appointments is great.

Also I've had Reiki and it's helped me to relax and my depression has lifted. Ian has certainly helped me to live a better life in general with comprehensive, refreshing and sound advice. 

I would encourage anyone who is in pain to definitely make an appointment."  PD   Southam



"I am truly grateful for all the support Ian has given me over numerous years with his skillful and empathetic treatments.  His gentle yet profound approach always left me reassured and comforted.  I am very fortunate to know Ian as a McTimoney chiropractor and would not hesitate to recommend him warmly. Thank you."   RL  Warwick



upon Avon

"I had become resigned to a low back pain for nearly 3 years, despite rest, exercise, physio and acupuncture. A friend suggested chiropractic but I was initially sceptical.
I found Ian to be very sympathetic and understanding about the impact that it was having on my life and  job, which involves a lot of driving or sitting. I was amazed at the significant reduction in pain after the first 3 visits and it was completely  gone within a few more treatments. I am now much more mindful of my structure and balance  and have found Ian to be a great support as I build up to more significant distance running challenges. Thank you."   LS   Stratford-upon-Avon



"I had suffered with my shoulder & neck for 12 mths with painful shooting pain through my neck and arm. You have worked wonders with this problem. Previously I attended various Doctors with no relief. I've also have had numb toes for 10 years and your treatment has had great effect. The additional advice of reducing my tea and coffee consumption is having positive effects too. I would say to anyone that your services are informative and good value."   KS   Evesham



"I would recommend Ian to anybody not only because he is an excellent chiropractor but because of his holistic understanding of the body and the complete person."   SJ   Burbage Coventry



"My gratitude to Ian is not for the healing he has given me but for the prevention of ailments I would have now without his insight. Cheers."  DP   Warwick


Woodford Halse

"Ian has helped me greatly over the years with a wide variety of issues including Chiropractic and mental well being. His depth of knowledge is incredible and I would recommend him to anyone. Chiropractic treatments are always comfortable and often produce instant results. I count myself lucky to know such an excellent practitioner. Best regards."  SP   Woodford Halse, Banbury