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in Snitterfield Stratford-upon-Avon

CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT has significantly helped me to recover from a variety of illnesses, a fractured vertebrae, back and limb pain, and a prolapsed disc, all causing pain both physical and emotional. So naturally, being a person who is curious about life, it's no wonder that I eventually became a McTimoney Chiropractor. My early background career in engineering, plus a long term practice of meditation, including being an artist, have all helped to send me out into the world as a mechanically intuitive therapist.

I GRADUATED from the McTimoney Chiropractic School in Oxford in 1986 as Doctor of Chiropractic. After qualifying I taught technique at the school for 10 years and was later awarded a McTimoney Chiropractic Fellowship.

I have loved my Chiropractic work and the privilege of treating people for over thirty five years. For my entire career I have worked with other types of therapists and this has expanded my training and interests.  


I still train and continue to be fascinated by people and health in every sense. I became a Master of Traditional Usui System of Reiki in 1990 and also teach this healing art.

HERBAL APPROACHES to health are also an integral part of my practice  with a special interest in Bach Remedies. If appropriate I may recommend other treatment or therapists. 


MY CLINIC is in Snitterfield near Stratford-upon-Avon. For full address and directions open the Contact Tab

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